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“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” – Annie Dillard

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Praise for Awaken

“If you stop to think about it, you’ll have to admit that all the stories in the world consist essentially of twenty-six letters. The letters are always the same, only the arrangement varies. From letters words are formed, from words sentences, from sentences chapters, and from chapters stories.” – Michael Ende

B.L. Callaghan

B.L. Callaghan is an Australian Foster Carer and Educator with over a decade of industry experience.

B.L. Callaghan lives in rural New South Wales with her husband, a changing number of children, her dogs and some chickens.
As a self proclaimed creative soul, she has had a passion for writing fiction from an early age. When she’s not wrangling chickens, children, or dogs, B.L. Callaghan love tagging along on epic quests, and being whisked off on magical adventures.

B.L. Callaghan write children’s books, as well as YA and NA fantasy titles.

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Hi book lovers! Did you know that my book Wicked Darkness will be FREE on Kindle JAN 20 – JAN 24? (This is the second book in the Goddess Incarnate series) If you love Monster, magic, and mayhem in your fantasy books, give this one a try! And don’t forget to review it if you […]


Hi all! Author A.R. Witham I’d looking for ARC readers for his upcoming #epicfantasy The Legend of Black Jack. They say he traveled between worlds. They say he talked to animals. They say he killed a god, and they might be right. He prowled the border of light and dark. He beat the devil himself […]

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The new shop is live! We are now offering postage internationally, but please note because of Covid and crazy shipping costs, pricing and time delays are in effect. Books, and book boxes are available, with more items to be added soon. Happy shopping, booklovers!

Almost there!

Oh my goodness! Would you look at that?! To all the people that have grabbed their copy of Awaken already – THANK YOU!! ❤❤❤To all of the fantasy #booklover out there that haven’t checked it out yet… what are you waiting for? It’s currently FREE on kindle! If you enjoy action-packed drama, loads of paranormal […]

Awaken is FREE on kindle for the next few days!

Hi booklovers! To celebrate the release of Wicked Darkness, Awaken is free on Kindle this week. What better way to celebrate book 2, than to share book 1 with you all for free? Make sure to snag your copy before the sale ends, and I’d love it if you could leave a review when you’ve […]

3 days to go!

The countdown is on fantasy lovers, so I thought I’d share a few quotes with you… Don’t forget that you can preorder your copy today – no need to wait! I am beyond excited to share this book with you, and look forward to hearing what you think! – B.L. Callaghan

Wicked Darkness Pre-order

Hi fantasy lovers! Exciting news – the pre-orders for Wicked Darkness are now live! You can head on over to Amazon kindle to pre-order your copy today! The official release date is August 12th, and if you liked the book, be sure to leave a review – I’d love to hear what you think! Happy […]

Wicked Darkness Pre-order coming soon!

Hi book lovers! I just wanted to say that book 2 in the Goddess Incarnate series will be hitting the shelves next month, and I am so excited to let you know that kindle pre-orders will be going live in a few short weeks! So, grab your copy of Awaken and catch up on the […]

Awaken is currently FREE on kindle!

For the next few days you can grab an ebook copy of Awaken for free on Amazon! If you haven’t read it yet, and you like books about magic, monsters, mayhem, and twists you don’t see coming, what are you waiting for? Go grab this one! You can see some of the reviews for Awaken […]

Author Spotlight #18

The Author: SaymyAli SaymyAli is a romance writer crafting stories of dark love, life, and empowering female leads. She enjoys dancing, nature, horror movies, reading books, and laughing until her stomach hurts with friends and family. SaymyAli is an avid romance reader, and has gained over six thousand reads of her first published story Friendship […]

Update for Wicked Darkness (Goddess Incarnate 2)

Hi fantasy lovers! I want to share with you the cover and blurb for book 2 in the Goddess series in case you missed the reveal that happened on Instagram. I am so in love with how it turned out! Sometimes it isn’t only villains that crave the darkness. Sapphira Dawn had been lied to […]

Author Spotlight #17

The Author: Victoria Wren Victoria is making her debut this year with her YA paranormal series ‘Wild Spirit: The Curse of Win Adler’. She has written books since she was a teenager and loves escaping into other worlds during her writing. Victoria lives in the UK, with her husband, two girls and three cats, she loves being […]

Author Spotlight #16

The Author: Lakish’a 17 year old aspiring screenwriter and author, Lakish’a, is the writer of the new psychological thriller, Escaping Mr. Grayson. Born and raised in Zambia, Lakish’a works tirelessly to create work that inspires, connects and above all else entertains not only her fellow Africans but also all of her readers across borders. Her […]

Author Spotlight #15

The Author: Muskan Goyal Muskan Goyal was born in 2003, India and was specifically interested in Music since an early age. It was in early 2019 that she discovered her passion for writing and started publishing on the online platform – Wattpad by her pen name – Marguerite Gibson. When she isn’t writing, you will […]

Street Team applications now open!

We have good news! There are a few spots left on B.L. Callaghan’s street team for dedicated fantasy lovers! Are you interested? Some of the things the AUTHOR agrees to: Supply you with a copy of the book in either physical or electronic format within a sufficient timeframe Follow up with you at regular intervals Communicate expectations […]

Author Spotlight #14

The Author: Clare Kae Clare Kae has always been a dreamer, finding her place in worlds and characters that seemed more real than what should have been expected. Though, when she’s not daydreaming about faraway worlds, she’s teaching primary school children in Australia.Born and raised by a wonderful family, and lots of spotty dogs, Clare […]

Meet the female characters!

Sapphira Sapphira is the MC in Awaken. She’s can be sassy and clever, but more often finds herself confused or angry by the sudden shift in her reality. She deals with anxiety and panic attacks due to a few extraordinarily horrific events in her life, and feels as though she carries the weight – or […]

A few recent reviews

I love hearing from readers about what they thought of my work, it means the world to authors like me – it is amazing that a story that began in my head has managed to touch others, that someone has found a character relatable – or the plot came as a surprise. Mostly, I’m so […]

Author Spotlight #13

The Author: Julia Vellucci Julia Vellucci is a 17-year-old girl, born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She is Italian by origin. She has never been good at visual art but her mom and younger sister both of whom she admires are definitely her creative endeavours as she was inspired by them to find a way […]

Author Spotlight #12

The Author: Laurie Oknowsky Laurie Oknowsky had her start as a community author on Wattpad and Inkitt. As her success morphed into something worth trending about, she made the leap into the world of traditional publishing. Class of 95’ is her debut book being published with Ukiyoto Publishing House. Not only is this a work […]

Author Spotlight #11

The Author: Nicolette Beebe Nicolette is a Bay Area romance author of different subgenera who lives and breathes storytelling. Outside of the all-consuming obsession to write, she is going on her fifth year as a fourth grade teacher. Any student who has been in her class has a special place in her heart. During downtime, […]

Author Spotlight #10

The Author: Trinity Lemm Trinity Lemm is from a small town in Illinois. After graduating from high school in 2019, she began attending Western Michigan University to study both business and dance, with plans of maintaining a writing career on the side. When she is not writing, she enjoys dancing, spending time with friends and […]


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Author Spotlight #9

The Author: Kristen Temple Kristen Temple resides in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, with her husband and two young children. She works part-time as an occupational therapist. In the hours she steals between work and family, she is a writer and artist. Kristen’s love of reading and writing blossomed at an early age, and […]

Author Spotlight #8

The Author: C.F Gonzi C.F. Gonzi has always had a wild imagination, and she discovered early on that writing was a fantastic outlet for all of her exciting ideas. She lives in a beautiful Utah valley with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys rock-climbing, reading, and hiking when she’s not writing. UNRAVELED is C.F. […]

Author Spotlight #7

The Author: Marcy Williams Marcy Williams is a life coach specializing in motivation, social media marketing, work/life balance, and career transition. Williams’ experience in life coaching began in 2006 when she realized her passion to help others. Williams understood her why at a very young age when she noticed all people are not created equally….on the […]

Author Spotlight #6

The Author: S. Courtney S. Courtney is new to the published writing community but has been a lifelong writer and began creatively writing in junior high. She is the author of the werewolf romance, Bound to You, a tale of two destined lovers “drawn” together by fate. Look out for release of the sequel, In […]

Author Spotlight #5

The Author: Bridget Messi A licensed esthetician, Bridget has been writing since she was a young girl. When not writing, she can be found reading too many books and binge-watching Disney movies. She lives in the midwest with her dog Alice. The Book: Red Siren Ariel doesn’t want to kill men, like her sisters. Once […]

Author Spotlight #4

The Author: Andrea Fink Andrea Fink was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She lives just north of Seattle, Washington with her husband and daughter. Throughout her years of teaching elementary school, she has encouraged her students to follow their dreams. Now, she is tackling her own, finally writing the series she has been […]

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