“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” – Annie Dillard

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“If you stop to think about it, you’ll have to admit that all the stories in the world consist essentially of twenty-six letters. The letters are always the same, only the arrangement varies. From letters words are formed, from words sentences, from sentences chapters, and from chapters stories.” – Michael Ende

B.L. Callaghan

B.L. Callaghan is an Australian Foster Carer and Educator with over a decade of industry experience.
 She runs the Facebook page “More Than A Foster Carer”, where she shares her experience working with the foster system.
B.L. Callaghan lives in rural New South Wales with her husband, a changing number of children, a dog and some chickens.
As a self proclaimed creative soul, she has had a passion for writing fiction from an early age. When she’s not wrangling chickens, children, or dogs, B.L. Callaghan love tagging along on epic quests, and being whisked off on magical adventures.

B.L. Callaghan write children’s books, as well as YA and NA titles.

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Author Spotlight #9

The Author: Kristen Temple Kristen Temple resides in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, with her husband and two young children. She works part-time as an occupational therapist. In the hours she steals between work and family, she is a writer and artist. Kristen’s love of reading and writing blossomed at an early age, and […]

Author Spotlight #8

The Author: C.F Gonzi C.F. Gonzi has always had a wild imagination, and she discovered early on that writing was a fantastic outlet for all of her exciting ideas. She lives in a beautiful Utah valley with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys rock-climbing, reading, and hiking when she’s not writing. UNRAVELED is C.F. […]

Author Spotlight #7

The Author: Marcy Williams Marcy Williams is a life coach specializing in motivation, social media marketing, work/life balance, and career transition. Williams’ experience in life coaching began in 2006 when she realized her passion to help others. Williams understood her why at a very young age when she noticed all people are not created equally….on the […]

Author Spotlight #6

The Author: S. Courtney S. Courtney is new to the published writing community but has been a lifelong writer and began creatively writing in junior high. She is the author of the werewolf romance, Bound to You, a tale of two destined lovers “drawn” together by fate. Look out for release of the sequel, In […]

Author Spotlight #5

The Author: Bridget Messi A licensed esthetician, Bridget has been writing since she was a young girl. When not writing, she can be found reading too many books and binge-watching Disney movies. She lives in the midwest with her dog Alice. The Book: Red Siren Ariel doesn’t want to kill men, like her sisters. Once […]

Author Spotlight #4

The Author: Andrea Fink Andrea Fink was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She lives just north of Seattle, Washington with her husband and daughter. Throughout her years of teaching elementary school, she has encouraged her students to follow their dreams. Now, she is tackling her own, finally writing the series she has been […]

Author Spotlight #3

The Author: B.B. Palomo B.B. Palomo is an American author from the state of Arizona. A writer at heart with a wild imagination, she has always had an affinity for the supernatural. Her debut novel began as a short story written in the fourth grade. While it was nowhere close to the writing prompt assigned, […]

Author Spotlight #2

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Author Spotlight #1

The Author: Stephanie B. Whitfield Stephanie is a 3rd generation Arizona Native and currently resides there with her husband and best friend. They have three children, and have created a mini farm on a small parcel of land where they have a number of critters. She loves being a mom, riding her horses, gardening, and […]

Limited Edition Awaken Book box

There are 20 limited edition book boxes available featuring Awaken (Goddess Incarnate book 1) Included in the box: A SIGNED copy of Awaken A small poster 5 bookmarks (cardstock) 1 metal bookmark with charms Sapphira’s charm bracelet A feather pendant necklace A key ring with a quote from the book A tin of “Moroi Incineration […]

Awaken paperback is now available!

Today marks the official release of Awaken. How exciting! Be sure to keep an eye out at all good bookstores for your copy! Or, alternatively, you can purchase directly from me in my shop!

Awaken eBook early release!

SURPRISE! The eBook version of AWAKEN has been released on kindle today – 3 weeks earlier than anticipated! While the paperback version is still set to release in August, you can dive into the world of the Goddess Incarnate series TODAY if you purchase the eBook through kindle! Sapphira Dawn was told she was the […]

Picnic and books – what could be better?!

How cute is my little friend?! Seriously, she is adorable! A tea party with teddies, cupcakes, and books were the perfect setting for these pictures. And it is so lovely to see kids enjoying my books! (With a sneak peek at an upcoming release too!) Keep shining bright, little star! And keep reading! ❤

Coming August 12th The Goddess Incarnate book 1: Awaken

Sapphira Dawn was told she was the new Goddess Incarnate, the most powerful being on Earth.At nineteen, she didn’t feel powerful – she felt betrayed and angry.Suddenly thrust into a world that she knows nothing about, a world where magic and monsters actually exist, Sapphira races to learn all she can about her magic.And to […]

Camp Nanowrimo 2020!

I am so excited to be taking part in this year’s event! I’ll be posting updates for my novels as I go, and look forward to meeting other authors and booklovers, so pop on over and join the fun! I hope to see you there!

Oscar and Ruby

Coming Soon! Oscar and Ruby’s story is on the way! Release day is fast approaching, and I am so excited for you to meet these cute little guys! In the coming days, the Pre-order option will be available, so you can add their story to your collection. Don’t forget to find me on Facebook for […]

Facebook Giveaway

Have you visited my Facebook page lately? There is an active giveaway of book 2 in the Kids in Care series! The giveaway will be drawn on the 20th of May which, you may have noticed, is the release date for Molly’s many families. The winner will receive a copy of the book, and a […]

Book 5 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 5 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Who is your safe person? Do you know what a safe person is or what they do? A safe person is an adult that you can talk to about anything. They listen to you, and they help you when you need them to. You can […]

Book 4 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 4 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Where was my Mum today? I was supposed to see my Mum today. I waited at the park with Simon all morning. But Mum didn’t come. Where could she have been? Maybe she is a spy and was off on a secret mission… Maybe she […]

Book 3 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 3 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Oscar and Ruby. Oscar and Ruby are twin brother and sister. They live with their foster carers Kim and Dave. Their dad Noah drives trucks all over Australia. Oscar and Ruby get to play with their dad every other weekend. It’s lots of fun! The […]

About the “Kids in Care” series

When I became a Carer, I was surprised with just how little was readily available for young ones. There seemed to be a lack of resources that would help them make sense of their situations. These kids are torn from the only family that they have ever known and thrust into a brand new life […]

Book 2 in the “Kids in Care” series

The second book in the “Kids in Care” series is called “Molly’s many families”. Blurb: “She read me the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and said that sometimes finding the right family was just like that. Some were too busy. Some were very different. But some were just right.” My name is Molly. […]

Book 1 in the “Kids in Care” series

My first children’s picture book in the “Kids in Care” series is called “My name is Sam” BLURB: I live with my mum and dad and our dog Lucy. My tummy mummy lives in another house. Sometimes I get to go and visit her. My family might not be like yours, but that’s okay.There are […]

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