Street Team applications now open!

We have good news! There are a few spots left on B.L. Callaghan’s street team for dedicated fantasy lovers! Are you interested?

Some of the things the AUTHOR agrees to:

  1. Supply you with a copy of the book in either physical or electronic format within a sufficient timeframe
  2. Follow up with you at regular intervals
  3. Communicate expectations clearly and respectfully
  4. Be available for you to communicate questions and concerns within a timely manner
  5. Offer incentives to ensureyou remains a productive member of the street team – including, but not limited to book swag, advance access to new releases, and first look at exclusive content.

Some of the things that YOU would be expected to do include:

  1. Follow the expectations set out by the author to the best of your ability
  2. Never pirate content given to you by the author
  3. Communicate any and all concerns and questions to the author in a timely manner
  4. Follow up with the author at regular intervals
  5. Review the book by the agreed-upon date on social media outlets such as;
  6. Goodreads
  7. Amazon
  8. Instagram
  9. Blog
  10. Bookbub
  11. Facebook
  12. Refer interested followers/readers to the author’s social media pages and/or purchase outlets for the book
  13. Follow the author on social media, and interact on posts relating to the book

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, head on over to the Street Team page here and use the ‘contact us’ section to register! (Don’t forget to include links to your social media/blog, and/or your most recent reviews!)

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