Author Spotlight #7

The Author: Marcy Williams

Marcy Williams is a life coach specializing in motivation, social media marketing, work/life balance, and career transition. Williams’ experience in life coaching began in 2006 when she realized her passion to help others. Williams understood her why at a very young age when she noticed all people are not created equally….on the outside. Through her teens she was bullied, degraded and insulted for being too skinny, not being as tall or developed as others, and for being smart. She began to believe the things people said about her. Her only way to fight back was to prove them wrong. She studied, played sports, focused on distancing from others, and began to flourish. 
Although it took years to regain her self-esteem, Williams has been reaching for new heights since then. She also mentors young student-athletes aspiring to play college sports with the NCAA. Williams also offers a private 1:1 coaching that promotes self-esteem. The coaching allows for private and group conversations with others who have similar experiences who are seeking refuge from their bullies. Marcy resides in the Atlanta, GA region and enjoys walking in nature, photography, meditation, and writing in her spare time.

The Book: A Bully’s Nightmare

A view into the life of a young girl taunted and teased by everyone, how she felt, and what she did about it.

From the Author:

I was compelled to write this book to give the view of life from a young girl who was bullied in school, at work, in sports, and even while with people she called friends. Although some of the events were hard to relive, the story had to be told because bullying can have life-altering affects and can also result in suicide. While I did not attempt or consider suicide, I know of others who did and are no longer here. 
One thing I’ve learned in life is to treat everyone respectfully and understand everyone is not the same. It’s okay if someone doesn’t like the same things I like. It’s okay if I don’t dress the same as someone else. Most importantly, it is not okay to bully or watch someone be bullied. Speak up and don’t simply watch. My hope is that my story reaches everyone who has been bullied so they know they are not alone, and there are resources and services that can help you through troubling times.

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