Book 5 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 5 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Who is your safe person?

Do you know what a safe person is or what they do? A safe person is an adult that you can talk to about anything. They listen to you, and they help you when you need them to. You can tell them anything. Especially things that you might not feel comfortable telling anyone else. You can tell them if you are hurt. You can tell them if you don’t feel safe. You can tell them if you’re scared, or sad, or worried. This book will explain all of the things that a safe person can help you with, and even how to find one!

Book 5 talks about the importance of having a ‘Safe person’. It discusses the what, who, how and why, and asks questions of the reader to ensure understanding of the topic. It encourages open communication and aims to support children’s mental health, safety and security.

Who is your safe person is awaiting illustrations, and will hopefully be released in 2020.

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