Book 4 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 4 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Where was my Mum today?

I was supposed to see my Mum today. I waited at the park with Simon all morning. But Mum didn’t come. Where could she have been? Maybe she is a spy and was off on a secret mission… Maybe she is secretly a Princess and a nasty Witch has locked her in a tower, Or maybe she discovered an underwater city full of mermaids! If my Mum was an explorer, maybe I could be too! I thought about swinging through the trees in the jungle, finding ancient ruins, meeting different tribes, and riding canoes down waterfalls with my Mum. What an amazing adventure that would be!

Book 4 is a story about missed contacts and the imagination of children. It explores the positivity and enthusiasm that young children have, and the importance of encouraging those emotions in kids in care.

Where was my Mum today? is awaiting illustrations, and will hopefully be released in 2020.

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