Book 3 in the “Kids in Care” series.

Book 3 in the “Kids in Care” series is called Oscar and Ruby.

Oscar and Ruby are twin brother and sister. They live with their foster carers Kim and Dave. Their dad Noah drives trucks all over Australia. Oscar and Ruby get to play with their dad every other weekend. It’s lots of fun! The kids at preschool don’t understand why Oscar and Ruby’s family is different. Sometimes they make fun of them because they don’t live with their dad, or because they look different to Kim and Dave. Sometimes they say that their dad must not love them if he doesn’t live with them. But Oscar and Ruby know better…

Oscar and Ruby’s story talks about some of the work that goes into restoration with birth families in simplified language that younger children can understand. It touches on the difficulties that children come across with their peers, and how the relationship between birth families, caseworkers and foster carers is important to the wellbeing of kids in care.

Book 3 is awaiting illustrations, and is hopefully going to be released in mid 2020.

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