About the “Kids in Care” series

When I became a Carer, I was surprised with just how little was readily available for young ones. There seemed to be a lack of resources that would help them make sense of their situations. These kids are torn from the only family that they have ever known and thrust into a brand new life with complete strangers. Everything changes in an instant. They can struggle to find normalcy and understanding from peers and society, and have to deal with feelings and thoughts that aren’t ‘normal’ for other kids their age. They have trouble trusting others and often feel scared and ashamed and just too ‘different’.

The “Kids in Care” series is a group of children’s picture books that is aimed at children in the foster system. The goal of this series is to help children in these situations feel less confused, scared and alone. These stories will hopefully reassure and comfort them while remaining relatable to situations that they may be going through. I wanted to encourage open communication while removing some of the stigma surrounding foster kids and help build self-esteem and confidence. Perhaps even be a voice that educates others on what these children have to deal with.

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